NIKSUN's PhoneSweep® is a tool for analog network device monitoring. It is the most complete tool that “sweeps” all devices connected to an analog network, detecting, assessing, alerting, and reporting. It is the industry’s best analog network device monitoring tool to safeguard against security threats, compliance violations, toll fraud and other breaches.

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Configure: PhoneSweep Plus

PhoneSweep Plus scans 10,000 numbers per profile with 4 modems (Not Included) and includes one year of technical support and software updates, as well as a USB Dongle.
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PhoneSweep Plus
PhoneSweep Plus

PhoneSweep Plus Support

PhoneSweep Plus 1-Year Support

PhoneSweep Gold Add-On

Do you want to upgrade to PhoneSweep Gold? PhoneSweep Gold includes 1 year of Technical Support and Software Updates. Learn more.

PhoneSweep Gold is an add-on, targeted at customers who have multiple PhoneSweep units, but compatible with any single PhoneSweep unit. PhoneSweep Gold adds three core features not present in the standard PhoneSweep software.

Distributed Architecture
PhoneSweep’s distributed architecture allows for remote control of your entire PhoneSweep network through any internet connection. The connection is completely encrypted and secure. PhoneSweep Gold’s distributed architecture supports three levels of access.

  • Operator - complete control
  • Controller - start, stop, rescan
  • Observer - watch only
E-Mail Notifications
Respond quickly to anything PhoneSweep catches with PhoneSweep Gold’s e-mail reporting feature. PhoneSweep Gold’s e-mail notifications feature sends email to specified individual, based on user profile of the events, including:
  • Sweep starts and stops
  • Carrier, fax, voice & tone detections
  • System identifications & penetrations
  • Disabled modems
Merged Reporting

Save time by combining multiple scan results into a single report. Merged Reporting can you perform a more complete analysis and report on your entire network’s telecommunications system. close.

PhoneSweep Gold + Support $3,070.00


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