Know the Unknown®

Using time-tested zero-loss full packet capture technology, NIKSUN® helps you create a faster, more secure cyber infrastructure based on the same products that powerfully secure over 1,000 enterprises and governments in over 30 countries.

For the first time ever, NIKSUN solutions allow you to unite industry-leading network security and performance monitoring with the most robust network search-engine of all time.

NIKSUN LogWave is a next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) engine that provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and services. It ingests hundreds of log and event types into the NIKSUN Knowledge Warehouse (NKW) for powerful and reliable root-cause analytics while satisfying compliance requirements for log retention.
  • Combine the Powers of Security and Performance Monitoring into One Solution
  • Achieve and Exceed Multi-Tbps Lossless Full Packet Capture
  • Scale to Terabits/Second with Cluster and Grid Ready Solutions
  • Store and Index Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years of Raw Data and/or Metadata
  • Experience World-Leading Super-Fast Query Response
  • Integrate Analytics from Link to Application Layer
  • Pull from Specialized Analytic Modules for Security, Performance, and Mobility
NIKSUN is teh primary provider of full packet capture for DISA
Partnership between DISA and NIKSUN
NIKSUN is the chosen primary provider of full packet capture for DISA
Nikheel Pruthi speaks at the NJTC Tech Briefing
Protecting Our Critical Assets and Data
Discover the unknowns in the current state of the cyber security industry
NIKSUN Notebook banner
NIKSUN Notebook
Gaining insights, tips and how-to resources from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with NIKSUN online video tutorials taught by NIKSUN experts
Comm. Basham on Dr. Pruthi's Service to the Nation
Comm. Basham on Dr. Pruthi's Service to the Nation
Discover how NIKSUN helped the United States Secret Service save billions of dollars around the world
Dr. Pruthi Talks with General Norman Schwarzkopf on CNBC
Interview with General Norman Schwarzkopf
General Schwarzkopf and Dr. Pruthi talk about cyber crime on CNBC
Dr. Pruthi Talks About NIKSUN
Learn about NIKSUN from the Founder, Dr. Parag Pruthi

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