NIKSUN® FlowAggregator

Flow Monitoring Made Easy

Single robust and unified platform for Network Performance and Security monitoring
  • Cyber Security, NPM, APM, VoIP and Compliance in one solution
  • Birds eye view from the top-level region or narrow down to individual packets
  • Integrates with NIKSUN's NetOmni Central Manager for global network awareness
  • Highly scalable with unlimited data retention
  • Sub second granularity
Broad visibility across your entire network and eliminates blind spots
  • Records of every conversation with zero loss
  • Ensure high network availability of routers, firewalls, or any critical assets
  • Create thousands of business groups to reflect any corporate environment
  • Real time situational awareness
Rich analytics and in-depth intelligence
  • Link to application layer network intelligence in real time
  • Top-down performance metrics, port by port bandwidth usage
  • Advanced Application Recognition, AVC, NBAR2
  • Media QoS and firewall insight
  • Visibility into logical segments
Proactive alerting and actionable insights in real time
  • Collect most effective headlines of any incident
  • Detection of IOCs, data hoarding, behavioral anomalies, and malicious activities
  • Quickly spot bandwidth hogs and prioritize application traffic
  • Notify in real time anywhere
  • Easier integration with third party tools
Reduced MTTR
  • Intuitive and contextual single click workflows throughout UI
  • Rich out of the box dashboards enhanced by NIKSUN AI
  • Super-fast and extensive network data mining capabilities

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