White Papers
Compliance Prepared

Explores the increasing challenges associated with policy compliance and how they are addressed using NIKSUN's compliance-ready solutions

WannaCry Ransomware

Learn how an enterprise today can immediately find every device infected with WannaCry on their network, with just one search.

The Power of Cluster Computing for Network Monitoring & Cyber Security

Discover how NIKSUN's data center solution allows organizations to seamlessly scale, meeting the performance and security demands of an exponentially growing network.

NIKSUN NikOS Everest - The Evolution of a Lifetime's Work

In this white paper, Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder and CEO, discusses how he re-engineered the network performance monitoring and cyber security models to not only capture and store Big Data traffic but effectively mine, correlate, alert upon and apply forensic analysis on that data. So that there is a complete and accurate record of every transaction that has expired within the network.

The 3Es: Why 100 Gbps Montoring is Economical, Effective, and Essential

Discover why 100 Gbps monitoring can provide the 3Es to your data center - Economical, Effective, and Essential - in accordance with the unique needs of the government, financial, ISP, and healthcare verticals.

Smarter Security and Performance Monitoring with NIKSUN NetMobility®

Provides details on next-generation NIKSUN NetMobility's unique performance and security monitoring capabilities for LTE and CDMA2000 networks

DivaFax White Paper

A recent aggressive phishing campaign has been identified by the NIKSUN Security Observation Network (NSON) as "DivaFax", a nickname derived from several observed artifacts and behaviors.

NIKSUN Cyber Security, Performance & Compliance

This white paper discusses the growing need for businesses and governments to utilize technology that encompasses security, performance, and compliance all under one roof to expose threats instantly, be able to look back in time, and easily comply with organizational standards.

Frost & Sullivan: Big Data is Not a Threat for NIKSUN, Provider of Network Visibility Solutions

With the emergence of Big Data, learn about NIKSUN's key role in cyber security and network performance markets

NIKSUN Supreme Eagle

A single hardware platform with recording and analysis speeds exceeding 100 Gbps

Cyber Security and Network Performance Solutions for Financial Institutions

NIKSUN's solutions address network performance and cyber security in a single appliance for large financial institutions

Securing Against The Unknown

Learn more about how NIKSUN solutions address the Big Data explosion and its implications on network security and performance

High Performance Network and Security Monitoring with NikOS Everest

Discusses next-generation NIKSUN Alpine's revolutionary multi-dimensional scaling approach and includes several use cases

Cyber Defense: Protecting Critical Assets

Outlines the cyber security threats organizations face and demonstrates with use cases how NIKSUN's advanced technology mitigates these issues

Denial-of-Service Attacks: Detections and Mitigation

Demonstrates how NIKSUN NetDetector assists in the early detection and mitigation of Denial-of-Service attacks

Instant Message Traffic Monitoring

Discusses how NIKSUN solutions are used to mitigate instant messaging threats

Intrusion Detection and Advanced Post Incident Forensics

Delves into how the holistic security solution, NIKSUN NetDetector, prevents, detects and leverages in-depth forensics

NIKSUN NetVCR®: Performance Monitoring

NIKSUN NetVCR offers the capability of non-intrusive monitoring of Internet, Intranet and enterprise data information in a multi-networked environment consisting of varied platforms

Monitoring Financial Networks for Latency

Focuses on how the unique capabilities of NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™ resolve challenges of minimizing network latency within trading infrastructures

NetDetector®: Security Monitoring

Outlines the unmatched security monitoring features of next-generation NIKSUN NetDetector Alpine with a use case

NIKSUN NetDetectorLive™

Discusses how NetDetectorLive provides significant improvement in efficiency and accuracy by integrating fast application reconstruction, real-time content monitoring, and in-depth forensics based on full-packet capture

NetOmni™: Enterprise-wide View

Focuses on NIKSUN's network-wide monitoring solution, NetOmni, and its unparalleled capabilities in heterogeneous network environments

NIKSUN: The Enterprise Monitoring Solution of Choice for Business

Serves as a practical guide that demonstrates key features of NIKSUN solutions, deployment approaches, and alternative solutions for enterprises

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