Add-on Modules

Extend the power of NIKSUNĀ® solutions

Designed for faster forensics and deeper detection, NIKSUN's add-on solution modules power your NIKSUN solutions even further with optional analysis tailored to your distinct network monitoring needs - VoIP, multicast and more.
NIKSUN Add-on Solution Modules Include:
NetReporter gives users the option to create on-demand or scheduled security and performance reports unique to their network environments
NetSLM generates Quality of Service alerts for proactive surveillance of application and network performance
NetMulticast monitors and troubleshoots multicast traffic on access, distribution and core networks
Implemented to save time troubleshooting, NetXperts is a library of domain specific performance and security "Xpert" for root-cause analysis
Used to improve network operations and trouble ticketing, NIKSUN NetVCR® Real-time Xperts (NetRTX) quickly resolve network and application level issues

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