NIKSUN® NetVoice®

Managing the reliability of VoIP systems

NIKSUN NetVoice® is the essential tool to monitor and maintain optimal network operation of your VoIP infrastructure. The NIKSUN solution monitors the network and alerts the administrator when abnormal network behavior or deterioration occurs, providing essential management and trending reports (periodic or on-demand) to plan for future network needs.
  • NIKSUN NetVoice® supports intelligent alarms and notifies users of issues in real-time
  • Rich executive dashboards and comprehensive reports for automated and optimized workflows.
  • Monitors moment-to-moment quality of the distributed services and dynamic, customized dashboards.
  • Drill-down on calls to packet level information.
  • Offers rich standardized VoIP QoS and QoE performance metrics such as SEER, ASR, NER, MoS, Jitter, and many more.
  • Complete end to end bounce diagram visualize inter-site-traffic.
  • NIKSUN NetVoice® offers capabilities to correlate users' media and signaling transactions, QoS and QoE values.
  • Measure and analyze per-call CDRs, QoS and QoE metrics of VoIP applications and services in real-time.

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