NIKSUN® Technology Alliance Partner:

The strategic partnership between NIKSUN and IBM® enables customers to leverage the strengths of both companies in the global deployment of network surveillance. NIKSUN solutions, including NetVCR® and NetDetector®, are certified as "Ready for Tivoli®".

NetVCR® and NetDetector® Integration with Tivoli Risk Manager

NIKSUN NetVCR® is a proactive network, service and application performance monitoring solution. Likewise, NIKSUN NetDetector® is a proactive solution for enterprise network security surveillance.

IBM Tivoli Risk Manager, from a single security console, aids in the central management of enterprise-wide security incidents and vulnerabilities. Both NIKSUN NetDetector® and NetVCR® seamlessly integrate with IBM Tivoli Risk Manager.

NetVCR® and Tivoli NetView Integration

NetVCR® supports SNMP/RMON Management Information Bases (MIBs). Tivoli NetView® and NetView MIB Tool Builder provide applications that enable NIKSUN to monitor both real-time and historical performance of NetVCR® SNMP/RMON MIB objects.

Additionally, Tool Builder polls NetVCR® MIB objects on a regular basis to produce relevant forms, tables and graphs.

NIKSUN solutions are listed in the IBM Global Solutions directory.

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