NIKSUN's Dr. Parag Pruthi is Honored by IEEE 2011 Region 1 Award for Managerial Excellence in Cybersecurity

Published on: 01-19-2012

NIKSUN Founder and CEO, Dr. Parag Pruthi, Receives the 2011 IEEE Region 1 Award for Managerial Excellence: Citing Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Cybersecurity Vision

Princeton, NJ – January 19, 2012 – The IEEE Region 1 announced today that Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN’s Founder and CEO, has been honored by the 2011 IEEE Region 1 Award for Managerial Excellence for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Managerial Excellence in Cybersecurity.

In August 2011, the IEEE Region 1 Board of Governors acted to recognize Dr. Pruthi’s achievements in the field of cybersecurity. Since 1997 Dr. Pruthi has continuously contributed to the field of cybersecurity through patented research tied together with entrepreneurship and leading-edge product development. "Dr. Pruthi's on-going research, his innovations, and his expertise have made him a sought-after leader and collaborator in the area of security technology,” said Prof. Wieslaw Bury, IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section Chair. “His scientific knowledge and his entrepreneurial skills address and impact the crucial field of cybersecurity."

Dr. Pruthi is widely recognized as the founder of packet capture, stream to disk, bit vacuum, and developing unique methods of analyzing network traffic via forensics. Integrating disparate scientific disciplines such as chaos theory, data warehousing, data mining, parallel processing, and hierarchical distributed computing, Dr. Pruthi expanded his research to develop a revolutionary approach for advanced control of network systems and services, ensuring the highest levels of cybersecurity and network performance.

Recognized as one of the foremost experts in advanced cybersecurity technologies, Dr. Pruthi advises on cyber defense strategies with some of the highest levels of governments and enterprises around the world. He is a frequent speaker on cybersecurity issues, including keynotes to delegates from across 28 NATO nations, agencies, and strategic commands. Dr. Pruthi holds over 30 patents globally, has published over 50 industry papers and articles and is sought by various organizations to provide thought leadership in cybersecurity and network control.

“I am extremely honored to receive this award,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder and CEO of NIKSUN. “It is my hope to continue making a difference in the field of cybersecurity, so that we can collectively end the reign of cyber terrorism that faces all of us today.”

“This well deserved award also comes on the heels of Dr. Pruthi’s organizing NIKSUN’s first World Wide Security and Mobility Conference (WWSMC) that united many high-level thought leaders in the industry, government and acedemia,” said Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, CTO of Mobility at NIKSUN and IEEE MGA Industry Relation Chair. “It was an event that put like-minded information security leaders in one room together, contributing further to the field of evolving needs for advanced cybersecurity solutions.”

In July 2011 global industry leaders, security and mobility experts, government officials, IEEE members, and academia attended NIKSUN’s first World Wide Security & Mobility Conference (WWSMC) to collaborate on new approaches to address today’s ever growing cybersecurity threats. In a packed room, participants listened to prestigious speakers such as former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Prof. Henning Schulzrinee of Columbia University – the “father of Internet telephony,” and NIKSUN’s Dr. Parag Pruthi, to name just a few. Princeton University, CTIF (Center for TeleInFrastruktur, a global ICT-based inter-disciplinary research center with focus on scientific innovation and academic education), and IEEE helped sponsor this successful event. NIKSUN plans to make the World Wide Security and Mobility Conference (WWSMC) an annual event, and is already gearing up for 2012.

IEEE Region 1 Director, Dr. Charles Rubenstein and/or Director-Elect, Dr. Peter Eckstein, will present this 2011 Region 1 Award to Dr. Pruthi personally at the local Section’s Annual Awards Dinner.

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