NIKSUN World Wide Security & Mobility Conference (WWSMC) Comes to India

Published on: 04-11-2012

Princeton, NJ, April 11, 2012 — NIKSUN®, the world leader in real time cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, announced today that it will be hosting the latest in its series of World Wide Security & Mobility Conferences (WWSMC) in New Delhi, India, on April 12, 2012.

NIKSUN developed the World Wide Security & Mobility Conference (WWSMC) to bring together global technical leaders from industry, government and academia to foster an interactive and action-oriented learning experience. Each WWSMC puts both thought leaders and attendees on a fast track to solving the current security and mobility issues that affect society today. “Clearly the problems facing us in cyber terrorism are of a global nature. No one is immune,” explains Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder, Chairman, and CEO, whose passion and resolve to take action has resulted in these conferences. “The India version of WWSMC will bring together thought leaders from all over the world to help solve the relentless threats we are up against. Together, we will get there faster.”

The timing couldn’t be better, as Indian military research bodies and Tibetan activists were recently targeted by hackers based in China, with a former graduate student at a Chinese university emerging as a key figure responsible for the cyber breach, according to a report by a leading computer security firm. In its 24 page report, Tokyo-based Trend Micro said the hacking campaign, dubbed 'Luckycat', targeted Indian military research institutions, entities in Japan, as well as the Tibetan community.

As the number and sophistication of attacks mount, it is important that the response be swift, with tools that allow you to see everything. “It’s impossible to protect against attacks you cannot see. Both external cybercriminals and malicious internal users will leave artifacts of their attempts to breach your data security controls,” writes John Kindervag, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. “You can accomplish this (inspecting and logging all traffic on both your internal and external networks) by deploying NAV (Network Analysis and Visibility) tools … to give you the unparalleled network visibility you need to proactively protect toxic big data.” (The Future of Data Security And Privacy: Controlling Big Data, Forrester Research, Inc., January 26, 2012.)

“The constant, relentless cyber attacks from all over the world clearly indicate the need for fast action,” said Dr. Howard Michel, IEEE MGA VP of all 10 IEEE worldwide regions. “WWSMC started in IEEE Region 1 (Northeast), has debuted in Region 8 (Denmark), and is now covering Region 10 (Asia) with the WWSMC coming to India. With WWSMC now reaching all corners of the globe, we can institute rapid change, improving our ability to combat the cyber criminals of today.”

WWSMC India will be hosted by NIKSUN in collaboration with IEEE, Silicon India, and IIT Delhi. The conference will feature keynote addresses from preeminent researchers and leaders, including Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN; Dr. Gulshan Rai, Director, Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-In); and Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi, Joint Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs. Click here to learn more or to register. NIKSUN plans to hold its Summer WWSMC July 9-10, 2012 in Princeton, NJ.


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