NIKSUN Inducted into SC Magazine Hall of Fame 2012

Published on: 12-11-2012

Princeton, NJ, December 11, 2012 — NIKSUN® Inc., the world leader in real-time and forensics-based cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce that SC Magazine has inducted NIKSUN and its NetOmni Alpine technology into its Industry Innovators Hall of Fame.

SC Magazine states, “As a network security analytic tool taking a forensic approach, it is without peer. Its ability to function at network speeds enhances its value, and its forensic approach puts it over the top.”

Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder, Chairman, and CEO, credits his team for making NIKSUN’s induction into an SC Magazine Innovators Hall of Fame possible, and SC Magazine agrees. “Having met many of them, we couldn’t agree more,” said Dr. Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine Technology Editor. “The team that develops and brings NIKSUN tools to market is a dedicated group, driven by the pursuit of excellence and encouraged to develop new ideas. The NIKSUN tools are built on the company’s Alpine codebase. This gives consistency and maturity to the products and allows the development of new solutions to emerging challenges. The combination of the people and the technology has proven to be a real winner for this Innovator.”

NIKSUN’s core Alpine platform collects every packet on the network, analyzes it, alerts on it if necessary, and saves it for future analysis. A security professional, or a network monitoring performance specialist, can equally access the data for analysis, making security and performance monitoring easy. NIKSUN’s "NetOmni product provides one dashboard view of the entire network, enabling you to “know the unknown”® in your network.

“Such capabilities, as playing a violation of policy back after the fact, has been around since NIKSUN’s earliest products,” states SC Magazine. “When it was introduced, it was one of those forward-looking capabilities that now are routine for this New Jersey-based Innovator.”

“I am extremely honored by the SC Magazine Hall of Fame status for our company,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder, Chairman, and CEO. “Years of hard work and innovation have allowed our customers to seamlessly control their entire networks for both performance and security with just a few mouse clicks.”

NIKSUN NetDetector, the core of the NetOmni enterprise suite, also achieved Lab Approved status from SC Magazine this year, and is currently used in SC Magazine’s lab.


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