CIO Review Highlights NIKSUN's Role in the US Secret Service Bust of Massive Cybersecurity Ring

Published on: 10-22-2013

October 22, 2013 — NIKSUN® Inc., the world leader in real-time and forensics-based cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, announced today that CIO Review Magazine has highlighted NIKSUN as a contributing factor in busting up one of the most massive cybersecurity rings to date.

Today, in 2013, NIKSUN can safely disclose the details of the incident that happened in 2004-2005. In that year, the United States Secret Service (USSS) was overwhelmed by an international group of cyber criminals who had created a stir in the banking fraternity by hacking into databases and stealing close to 1.7 million credit card numbers. Millions were lost and the potential threat was estimated to amount close to billions. W. Ralph Basham, the Director of the USSS at the time (2003-2006), got word of a company that was engaging in network monitoring solutions to secure critical infrastructure. After a meeting behind closed doors, Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder & CEO of NIKSUN, was entrusted with building a solution to tackle these infringements. Dr. Pruthi and his group of engineers were able to design and deliver a product to the USSS with the technology to lawfully intercept and analyze large amounts of data streaming through networks.

"Through his efforts we were able to take down an international organization that consisted of over 28 different entities in six different countries around the world. It literally saved billions of dollars in losses around the world," explains commissioner Basham on the effectiveness of NIKSUN’s prototype for the government. Commissioner Basham later credited Dr. Pruthi’s service to the nation, saying, “Had it not been for his ability ... I fear that we would still be working with this problem." You can watch a short video on Commissioner Basham’s comments here.

“The enterprise community owes a lot to companies like NIKSUN, that have constantly strived to help organizations realize the weight of the threat at hand by providing cutting edge network performance solutions. Under the leadership of Dr. Pruthi, the father of Data Capture, NIKSUN has been delivering seamless network monitoring products and services to a host of enterprises for the better part of its 18 years in existence,” states the article in CIO Review. “Today, financial companies such as banks, investment companies, insurance, and mortgage rely heavily on broadband networks not only for internal communications and daily business activities, but also as a gateway for customers to initiate financial transactions. Bandwidth is managed efficiently to maximize the return on investment and provide the experience that today’s customers expect. Having seen the industry transverse from gigabytes to terabytes and to now complying with petabytes of data, Dr. Pruthi has strived to position the company strategically to be one step ahead of cyber criminals.”

Today, in 2013, NIKSUN plans to release its network core 10000 series platform, a hardware appliance that traces its roots to the one designed by the team for USSS in Operation Firewall in 2004-2005.

Read the full article in CIO Review.

Hear Commissioner Basham on the NIKSUN’s role in the US Secret Service bust.

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